Morning Musings on Business, Travel and Personal Transformation

Back Blogging AGAIN!  Hope you enjoy the new look.  You can easily now find upcoming events for the month on the sidebar.  And I can send you little snippets on what is happening in our part of the world.

My business is evolving.  Added Reiki to my Coaching with astounding results.  Also enjoying doing Color Readings via SKYPE, so give me a call to schedule yours.  And have a birthday coming up?  Why not schedule a little YEAR AHEAD reading?

I’m offering my first Soul Salon on August 29th here at Chateau Kalena.  Come by and share a steamy cup and a wee bit of cake, sprinkled with touch of Soul.  Perfect event to reconnect and celebrate the last days of summer.

Stay tuned for little Bloggetts to go with your morning Kuppa Kalena!

And feel free to leave your comments…  I love to get mail.


Comments on: "Welcome to My Blog!" (13)

  1. Dear Kalena, the new blog is FABULOUS ! ! !

    xoxoxo Anne Sete

  2. Colleen said:

    Love the banner, Kalena! I look forward to reading your musings. I hope all is well with you by now.

  3. It makes me want to go get a cup of coffee and sit down to read what you have written. I like the side bar, too. It makes it easy to know what you’re doing and also the events.

    I just want more. It’s cool to call them bloggettes! Like a bite of cake!


    Sandra Larson
    Intuitive Coach & Animal Communicator

  4. Like the look!

  5. Lovely what you are doing, Kalena!

    Love, Gloria Wendroff

  6. Love the new look!!!! Love ya, Diane

  7. Marti said:

    This looks great and, as always, is full of good stuff from you. Thanks for connecting.

  8. Great new look. I especially love the colors at the top, over that delicious looking cup of coffee. I wish those sorts of colors swirled out from my morning cup. Perhaps they would, if I let them. Love you.

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I have had a very positive response to the blog! Watch for new update in about a week.

  10. Yea! You did it! Welcome fellow blogger. Looking forward to all your posts!

  11. Dorothy said:

    Great to connect again – impressed with the blog and website. Looking forward to staying connected!

  12. Jen Meehan said:

    I love the bit about coffee ;0) Thanks for passing that along. The blog looks great!

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