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I Got Mail

Saturday morning and sitting with my steaming cup of JAVA…   Speaking of coffee, I read this week in Costco’s magazine that coffee is really good for you!  Keeps you young!  They recommend 3 or more cups a day.  I would have to be in AA to drink that much coffee!  As it is I don’t sleep. Two is my max and preferably before noon. The article also states that caffeinated tea works as well.  So drink up!

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the blog!  I’m still learning so “bear” with me.  The response has been so positive both here and your personal e-mails.  I thank you for taking the time to read the blog and to respond.

Today I am preparing for my first Soul Salon on Monday.  In Soul Coaching® the first element is AIR – and our Word for the month of September is SOAR!  We have an AIR SHOW going on at our local airport and I can hear the planes soaring over the house!

And it is RAINING!  Sometimes we forget that there is moisture in AIR.  Especially when you live in the High Desert!  I know everyone on the East Coast is aware of the wind this weekend.  Sending Reiki light to all that the winds will be calmed and all will be safe!

Enjoy your Kuppa!  and check back soon.


Comments on: "I Got Mail" (4)

  1. Chicago Mary said:

    Good afternoon (DST time), Kalena!
    Love the clean look of your blog.
    Hope all is going well in your corner of the world.

  2. Kalena, nice looking, you’re doing a great job. Best regards, Tom

  3. Like your blog. Hope you’re doing well. How’s Rod?

    Love ya,

  4. Kit Prendergast said:

    Hi Kalena,

    Love the new blog and the colors! Kit

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