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The first Soul Salon on Monday, August 29th was so much fun!  Lots of Angels were floating around the deck as we did the visualization!  In Soul Coaching® the first element is AIR – and our Word for the month of September is SOAR!  You can still take part in the AIR portion by attending the Saturday Salon on the 17th.  Please let me know if you plan to attend so we have enough chairs!

For Oct the element is WATER – and once again I am offering a Monday Morning Salon on Sep 26th, followed by a Saturday Salon on Oct 8th.  The word is FLOW.  Maybe some Water Spirits will show up, or a Kelpie or two (a Kelpie is an Irish Water Horse).  Hope to see you at the next Salon!

The beauty of these salons is that you can come to one or come to all.  I chose a theme each month, and offer it on a Monday and a Saturday. Attend either day.  You will always go away inspired!


Comments on: "SOUL SALONS" (2)

  1. Jack Van Dien said:

    Plenty of air in Carson Valley, hot and otherwise, but water is expensive so hope is used wisely in your studies..

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