Morning Musings on Business, Travel and Personal Transformation

Sometimes when we enter creation chaos, things that felt like they were in chaos before tend to fall into place. Just this morning I was writing my 3 pages, which is my normal download. By doing that exercise each day, other issues that were on the back burner, seem to percolate to the surface. (Now there is a word that doesn’t get used much anymore – who percolates coffee? We
now French press or swing by the barista for our Kuppa….)

So know that out of Chaos comes order, and out of order – CHAOS! Last Monday, I played the Transformation Game, a  monthly event at my friend, Susan Barry’s office. My intention for this month was to clear a negative thought pattern. When I get stressed, I tend to go into the endless loop of NOT ENOUGH. Not enough Time, Not enough Money, Not enough Clients….

We all have triggers that take us down the path to Less Than. My trigger – CLUTTER! Reality is I have MORE THAN ENOUGH. I used to repeat the mantra, “I have everything I need and more”. Funny how we continue to ask the Universe for more & more, until we look around our homes and workspaces and see all the MORE filling up every nook and cranny.

There was much humor in playing the game this month. As I left Susan’s office, I felt I finally had ENOUGH! As I returned home and opened the door, I walked into the office/library of my home, immediately I felt my energy drop. I had noticed lately I don’t spend much time in this room. It has always felt oppressive to me. The first thing one sees upon opening the door is my
bookcase, which was overflowing with piles of books. Books I use in my classes. Books I intend to read some day. Books I bought and thought I couldn’t live without, books I borrow, books from friends who thought I should read this book or that.

I continue to love books, even in this day of Kindles, which a friend recently gifted me. Books are like old friends. Some come into our life for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime.

Luck of the Irish, my cleaning gal came to the rescue. In just three hours we sorted all the books in the bookcase, and I chose about 10% to return to the shelves, along with some sacred objects. Today the room feels positively uplifted! And I am ready to move on to the next room. Sometimes to move through the Chaos, we need to take small sips!

Our word for our first Soul Salon was SOAR!  I will continue to Soar knowing I truly have ENOUGH – Period. The word for October is FLOW! I move into the Flow – entering the Chaos, and letting go of what I no longer need.  From the Chaos comes Order.  Have a great month!  And check out the New Soul Salons in Chicago on the sidebar. Tell your friends!


Comments on: "Order to Chaos – The Creative Path" (14)

  1. Dorothy Yudice said:

    Oh my gosh, did this blog hit home. I returned from a 10 day trip on the 24th and today am just cleaning out my suitcase. Cannot believe all the mementos I accumulated. They are now sitting on my desk with all the things I piled up before I left.
    But today I will find time to go through it all and start tossing.
    Thanks Kalena for the heads-up!
    Love your sis, Dor

  2. I believe it was a physics book I was reading some years that stated Chaos is the highest form of order. I just took down a plaque on my wall (so I could get the exact wording – will put it back in a moment) – CHAOS – Where Great Dreams Begin – Before a great vision can become reality – there may be some difficulty, foreshadowing the huge tree, so we must sometimes push against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams “Out of Chaos, Brilliant Stars are Born” – I-Ching Hexagram #3
    {Perhaps I need to sell some of my treasured books as well to allow new loves into my life.}

  3. Beloved Kalena, would you please send your cleaning gal to my office?

  4. Brennan Burns said:

    What’d you do with the books? I can sell them online, could help with some of the ‘not enough’ money topic!

    • Brennan,
      I boxed most of them up and labeled them. Let’s talk! And I have more bookcases to clear, and more books in the storage shed! I think I even have a list of books!

  5. Dear Kalena,

    I loved it! It’s funny when we think of asking for more and more which turns into abundance and then into clutter! You are so amazing. I love your perspective!

    Sweetest Blessings,

    PS Thank you for reminding me what is important in my life!

  6. So glad to hear the energy is flowing again. I did a little different kind of clearing. I had a garage sale for a friend and decided to put all of my DVDs and CDs in the sale. Wow, were they popular! Got $2.00 per DVD and $1.00 per CD. In this age of Netflix and movies online AND because I rarely will re-watch a DVD, I figured that I came out ahead. The cost of the movie less the $2.00 was less than going to a movie. 🙂 Anyway, I am so glad to be rid of some more clutter. Now, for as much clutter clearing that I continually do, I have not mastered getting rid of the constant paper clutter from bills, receipts, and other documents that must be kept. Most of my bills are online, but I still seem to accumulate. My affirmation is: Clean and organized surfaces in my home. Cheers, Diane

  7. Elaine said:

    Hi Kalena,

    Glad you reminded me of morning papers, that’s a perfect way to clear the “head” clutter, which when that is in order, contributes to the other stages of clutter cleaning. Love your blog, great way to do some easy sharing.



  8. Colleen said:


    Wow, only keeping 10%? That is so brave!! Books are the hardest thing in the world for me to get rid of. For instance, all the horse story books from my childhood. I was absolutely crazy about horses (still am!) and it is a treasured part of my childhood. I could never in a million years part with those books. I’ve bitten the bullet and gotten rid of quite a few books over the past few years, but those horse books will stay on the shelf for as long as i breathe! It is funny what has special meaning for us, isn’t it?

    With every blessing,

    • Well they aren’t quite gone yet. Organized in boxes as they are books I use in my classes, and out of sight in the loft area. I will sort through them one more time and move to a more permanent holding cell! Tee Hee…. I know my Ireland books are llike your horse stories. No need to let go of them, they just ALL don’t need to live in the bookcase. I think I will take a picture of the new look of the bookcase and post it!

  9. luvlightfeather said:

    Lovely Kalena,
    I definately feel the energy of uncluttering surging through my soul right now…I think I feel it with the changing of the seasons. There is fall cleaning as well as spring cleaning.. a great time to prepare for our hibernation.

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