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About Kalena

Thrive – Prosper – Enjoy

As both a Business Consultant and Personal Coach, Kalena helps you achieve your business and personal dreams, goals and success.

She’ll ask you: What would it take for you to thrive, prosper and then enjoy your success? With insightful vision, an intuitive sense of people and a deep knowledge of entrepreneurial business, she’ll help you find your answer to this fundamental question.

Kalena’s positive and well-rounded approach leads you to discover your life and business answers – resulting in your success. Her passion for inspiring women and entrepreneurial business owners to success is evident in her powerful, soul-searching creativity coaching, workshops and seminars, as well as in her business and marketing services.

Whether you come to Kalena wanting to improve your business, your life, or both, she’ll help you leave your “rational” (limiting) mind behind and tap into your intuitive side.

Kalena – a Consultant with Business Experience

  • 30 years as a marketing professional for prestigious architectural firms
  • 15 years as professional business consultant
  • 15 years as a workshop leader
  • Certified Coach
  • President and Operating Owner, Kalena Associates, Inspiring Creative Minds, established 1995
  • Owner of Straight from the Heart Productions


  • Certificate in Marketing, UC Berkeley
  • Certified in Soul Coaching
  • Certified in Complementary Color Therapy
  • Reiki Master



Comments on: "About Kalena" (2)

  1. Kalena, you are such a dynamo. I love everything you are doing.

    • Gloria, the work you do with Heaven Letters every day is transformative. Friends of my blog, you can subscribe to Heaven Letters at Most inspirational!

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