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Good Day.  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring Equinox. Or Autumnal down under!

This morning, I once again found myself struggling with my Weds morning writing.  For almost a year fellow Soul Sista, Sandra Larsen, and I have been writing together every Weds morning for 2 hrs.  Sandra in Texas, me here in NV.  Encouraging each other to show up at the page.  For about a month I just haven’t been able to write.  It has probably been longer, as my last blog post was in January.

As many of you know, I am reaching the end of my year-long Reiki Master/Teacher training.  It has been a wonderful year.  FILLED with lessons as well as challenges.  Starting with Rod’s cancer transformation, and ending with placing my attention to finally resolving some health challenges of my own.

For the past 12 days I have been on a virtual FAST.  No dairy, no grains, no nuts, no sugars, no wine, no condiments.  No bananas, no tomatoes, no mushrooms, no peppers.  NO NO NO.  NO COFFEE!  It seems I will have one good day, then one amazingly head aching, crabby, complaining, “I can’t do this” day.  That was yesterday.  Today is better.  One day at a time.

Basically protein, veggies and low glycemic fruits.   My doc tells me it is the yeast dying off, well I must be one big breadball!  Of course, spending the week prior to starting the diet, partying in Reno with my 3 childhood friends, drinking, eating and gambling, probably did cause some extra detoxing!  But what fun!  Thank you Harrah’s!

Never having been much of a cook, I would grab and go through life.  Since childhood I have pretty much gagged on meat.  Needless to say, this diet has been a challenge.  I have tasted many new veggies, fermented foods I would never have tried in the past, including coconut anything.  Did you know there is coconut yogurt?  And found the most delicious scallops at TJ’s. And even Broiled PEACHES!

My friends ask me what I miss most.  Oatmeal!  Can you believe it?  I am actually looking forward to SLOWLY reintroducing foods.  Savoring each one of them for 2-3 days, as I ask my body “Is this food for my highest and best good?”  The answer will be an immediate GUT reaction, I’m sure.

I had started a gluten free diet around the first of the year.  I really was becoming the Pillsbury Dough Girl!  I love bread, pasta, etc.  Before I started this diet, I was proud of the fact I thought I had mastered that portion of the program.  I had found lots of great recipes, gluten free.

Now I will be more conscious of how much sugar and yeast are in the gluten free products I put in mouth, and hopefully snacks and treats will include healthy veggies and fruits in the future.  And I will not have the afternoon low blood sugar blues, or the evening rummaging through the cupboards for something fattening to go with my WINE!  Preferably chocolate in nature.

The wonderful side affect of doing all this?  I’ve LOST 10 lbs already!  The next challenge will be keeping it off!  I feel so much better, and the weight I lost?  It was in my belly!  Now to work on those abs!

Hope you are doing well.  And thanks to everyone who recommended those yummy gluten free beers for St. Paddy’s Day (which of course I couldn’t have then, but might really enjoy come summer!)  And to my friend, Kathy, who cooked up the yummy broth I was able to sip when nothing else satisfied.  My girlfriends who brought gluten free foods to our Gathering this month in response to my need last time we met. I was so touched by your kindness, even though I couldn’t eat it this time.  The cookies are in the freezer Ronda for when I can try them!  Bless you all.  It takes a Village to HEAL!





Yesterday we spent a lovely Thanksgiving with family, grateful for our health, our love and closeness.  This morning I enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee, while Rod turned on the morning show.  Such violence! What were they calling it?  Competitive Shopping?  Hello? Pepper spray?

When I was young, people died of CONSUMPTION.  Humm, perhaps we are headed towards a new strain?  An infectious disease that can kill millions in a single day..

I will save my shopping for Saturday and venture out in support of Small Businesses, like my own and my clients.  Who have struggled in this economy to keep their doors open and to bring us the unique, the handmade, the gifts that say “I thought you deserved something special.”

Whether a handmade tea cozy, or a gift certificate for a massage, or better yet, a gift certificate for the services of a CPA to straighten out your books at the end of the year; consider putting your money back into our economy in a small way.  Hire someone you know.  Have your house cleaned…  There are an endless number of SMALL Business owners.  And they are not the ones who get the big tax breaks.  They are the ones that are feeding families and serving you.  Seek out a small shop and buy just one gift for that someone special this weekend and throughout the holidays.  And gift a service from one of the professional service providers you love.  Hint, hint…  Gift certificates available for Year Ahead readings, Color Sessions, Reiki, Soul Salons. All at Holiday pricing.


I read the sweetest poem on a friend’s blog yesterday entitled “Thanksgiving”.  You can read the entire poem at www.   Victoria Slotto is a gifted writer.  Here is an excerpt that spoke to me:

counting blessings
assuaging guilt
so many

soul steam
circling hot coffee cup
fogs inside

god light
intense fall color
dance with me

Hope you enjoy as I am this lovely FAMILY DAY!  Spend it with your family, not out in the malls …  Cracking nuts, sipping hot cider, hugging a little one.  I am grateful for my soul family.


PHONE SOUL SALON this coming Monday, Nov. 28th at 6pm PST.  Last chance for FIRE.   Info on sidebar.  Contact me directly at to receive call-in number.


11-11-11 Entering the Portal

On 9-11 I wrote the following bloggett in my journal – “I’ve looked at life from both sides now, from red & green and still somehow, it’s illusions I recall, I still have not known life at all…”   I had awakened to this song playing in my head.  Along with thoughts of refinancing our home.  Thinking about the appraisal, ‘will the house reach that magic number’, was keeping me up at night.  As I stressed over my own attempts to deal with the banks, my thoughts drifted to all the people…  since 9-11 who had lost not only their homes but their souls.

The house did refinance, it made the magic number and more!  Yeah!  Pressure is off, no longer making 2 payments each month!  Point made – now is a good time to refinance.  Also a great time to reconnect with your soul!

Two months later on Friday on 11-11-11, the Bristlecone Pinenuts gathered at my home for an overnight of camaraderie and ceremony to welcome in the new energy of that powerful night.  Each year a group of us trek down to Inyo National Forest to talk to the Bristlecone Pines, the most ancient of living organisms on the face of the planet. Some of these trees have been carbon dated over 5,000 years old.  Google them, fascinating story & photos.

Quite by accident, I recently learned we actually have a small Bristlecone on our property.  It was a tiny scrubby shoot when we moved here. Covered in spiderwebs, it was spindly and had brown needles. Rather than simply pulling it out by its roots, Rod cleared out the cobwebs, fed it and I put a ring of stones around its base.  It seemed to love the attention and came back.  Today 15 years later, it stands not much taller than me.  (Which isn’t very tall.)  Bristlecones are not known for their fast growth.  They cling to the mountain edges where nothing could possibly endure the harsh winters and lack of water and even soil.  This small toddler we adopted, now receives water from the lawn sprinklers.  We planted a seedling of an oak tree next to it about five years ago, and today the slow growing oak and the Bristlecone seem to be holding hands as a pine branch reaches out for the mighty oak.  As we sat around the small tree, one of my friends commented the Bristlecone is like me, edgy and reaching out in all directions, and the Oak is like Rod, loving and strong, welcoming me home.

We wrote our wishes for what we wanted to bring into the New Year on prayer cards made from gold pieces of paper with teal colored string and hung them on the tiny tree.  We also wrote what we wished to release from the old year on white pieces of paper and lit them from the flame of the Bridget candle and then dropped them into the bowl of sacred holy water brought from the home of my ancestors in Knock, Ireland.

After setting our intentions, we gave the water to the baby Bristlecone and the remains of the paper we buried under the leaves to nourish the tree until Spring.  We asked the baby tree to bring our prayers to the Ancient Ones until we meet them again next summer, when the snow melts in the high county.

That night I had a vision of the 11-11-11 numbers, where individual 1’s, met another 1 and engaged in conversation.  Then the pair joined hands with the other ones, like the dashes in 11-11-11.  When we gather each month for our Reiki share we come together in a circle, left hand up to receive, right hand down to give and we swirl our energies, receiving from the person on our left, sending the energy through us, out to the person on our right, swirling around the circle.  This is what I saw, 6 people swirling their uniqueness to the next, and the next, and the next, the number 6 signifying unconditional love, then the next 11, the hour joining the circle and then there were 8 the number of abundance; followed by the 11 minutes, making 10, the 1 to the 10th power, and on and on, as 11 (2 coming together to co-create), joining other 11’s around the globe, circling the earth….  Each with our own unique gifts and talents, giving and receiving in harmony with no competition, only cooperation, co-creation…

It is happening.  I feel it already.  How about you?  What were your experiences from the 11-11-11 portal?  Did you walk through?  Do you feel differently, dear reader?  I know I do. Something has shifted within me.  I am seeing things manifesting almost instantly.  Friends calling with ways we can co-create.  Write your comments here.  Til next time, this is Kalena, musing on a Wednesday morning.

Note:  Saturday’s Soul Salon will be here at Chateau Kalena from 10-noon.  Element: FIRE   Come tie your intentions to the little Bristlecone.  I’ll have the fire lit and the hot chocolate!  Oh BTW, when I looked out the little Bristlecone is standing straighter and I swear has grown a few inches!

My trip to the Midwest was transformative.  Blog post below tells more.  Thank you everyone in Chicago and Quincy, IL who hosted and attended the 3 Soul Salons I put on while there. I learned so much from each of you, and made lovely new friends for a lifetime!