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Kalena Associates – Inspiring Creative Minds

Kalena Associates workshops and retreats center around Personal Transformation. Kalena is a certified Soul Coach; Reiki Master and certified in Complementary Color Healing. She travels extensively and enjoys leading workshops in new cities.  If you have a group you would like to see inspired, give her a call and book one of her events in your hometown.

Birthday Special!

Year AheadLearn your personal year and how it coincides with the Universal Year. Ask Kalena questions and receive valuable guidance for your upcoming year. Kalena’s yearly gift to honor her faithful clients and friends, a full hour intuitive coaching session at the ½ hour rate, available during your birthday month and for 30 days after.  (In-person or via phone or SKYPE)

Birthday PartiesInvite Kalena to do Color Readings at your next Birthday Party or special event and receive your Year Ahead for Free!!

Classes (1 hr to 1/2 day)

Soul SalonMonthly gathering for a Cuppa Kalena. Includes a monthly teaching on various subjects, sharing with like minded individuals and Cake & Coffee!  (2 hours)

Moving ON – Learn how our environments impact our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical lives.  Based loosely on the book by the same name written by Sarah Ban Breathnach, this series of classes will have you tossing out the old, and bringing in new energy & riches to your life!

Color Classes Discover why you are attracted to some colors and  “turned-off” by others; how color affects you on a daily basis and how to use color to enhance your life.

Soul RetrivalsPart of the Soul Coaching training, Kalena will guide you through a visualization to meet your “spirit guides.”

Woman’s Wheel of LifeA walk around the medicine wheel from birth to death.  Learn how the stages of a woman’s life affect you throughout your Earth Walk.  Lovely event to share with daughters, granddaughters, sisters, aunts and  friends.   Perfect for group celebrations of milestones in every woman’s life.  Motherhood, first blood, Wisdom years…

Magical Dream BoxesTake a journey to your inner playground where all your dreams and wishes come true!  Create a one of a kind Dream Box—a powerful tool to manifesting your desires.  Take home  a visual reminder to help you achieve your dreams.

Workshops (More than one session or longer than a few hours)

Think BIG! – Business Inspiration GroupsGeared to the smaller business owner.  Share with other business entrepreneuers in a supportive, creative setting.  Six meetings per group.  Available in-person and via teleconference

Soul Coaching ® for Health and Vitality – Based on the original 28 day Soul Coaching program created by Denise Linn.  Explore your core beliefs about your body and address any issues you have been putting off in relation to our health.  As a certified Soul Coach I am trained to facilitate this program and helping you maximize the benefits you receive from the program.

“It’s time to stop pushing our bodies and turn around to embrace them.”

Moving On– Designed to help you learn how to create a supportive living space that will help you “move on” in many areas of your life including your career, your relationships, your health and your spiritual well-being.

Creative Dreams  Unique monthly program for keeping your creative dreams moving and active in the midst of daily life.  Through positive challenges and innovative exercises, you will become inspired to begin to realize the creative potential that is YOURS and waiting to emerge!  Based on the work of SARK.

Reiki Training Levels I, II, and III classes offered throughout the year in Reno, SF, Chicago, & Phoenix areas (inquire for upcoming classes, or how to book a training in your area)


Ireland, Scotland Oh My! – Accompany Kalena to the Emerald Isle and Land of Enchantment.  Private trips arranged by request.  Inquiries welcome.

Sacred Soul WeekendsSpend a weekend in Nature with Kalena drumming, journeying & Ceremony.

Stay tuned to WHAT’S HAPPENING Side Bar for details on events already booked, or contact Kalena to request an event in your area.


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