Morning Musings on Business, Travel and Personal Transformation

Sometimes when we enter creation chaos, things that felt like they were in chaos before tend to fall into place. Just this morning I was writing my 3 pages, which is my normal download. By doing that exercise each day, other issues that were on the back burner, seem to percolate to the surface. (Now there is a word that doesn’t get used much anymore – who percolates coffee? We
now French press or swing by the barista for our Kuppa….)

So know that out of Chaos comes order, and out of order – CHAOS! Last Monday, I played the Transformation Game, a  monthly event at my friend, Susan Barry’s office. My intention for this month was to clear a negative thought pattern. When I get stressed, I tend to go into the endless loop of NOT ENOUGH. Not enough Time, Not enough Money, Not enough Clients….

We all have triggers that take us down the path to Less Than. My trigger – CLUTTER! Reality is I have MORE THAN ENOUGH. I used to repeat the mantra, “I have everything I need and more”. Funny how we continue to ask the Universe for more & more, until we look around our homes and workspaces and see all the MORE filling up every nook and cranny.

There was much humor in playing the game this month. As I left Susan’s office, I felt I finally had ENOUGH! As I returned home and opened the door, I walked into the office/library of my home, immediately I felt my energy drop. I had noticed lately I don’t spend much time in this room. It has always felt oppressive to me. The first thing one sees upon opening the door is my
bookcase, which was overflowing with piles of books. Books I use in my classes. Books I intend to read some day. Books I bought and thought I couldn’t live without, books I borrow, books from friends who thought I should read this book or that.

I continue to love books, even in this day of Kindles, which a friend recently gifted me. Books are like old friends. Some come into our life for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime.

Luck of the Irish, my cleaning gal came to the rescue. In just three hours we sorted all the books in the bookcase, and I chose about 10% to return to the shelves, along with some sacred objects. Today the room feels positively uplifted! And I am ready to move on to the next room. Sometimes to move through the Chaos, we need to take small sips!

Our word for our first Soul Salon was SOAR!  I will continue to Soar knowing I truly have ENOUGH – Period. The word for October is FLOW! I move into the Flow – entering the Chaos, and letting go of what I no longer need.  From the Chaos comes Order.  Have a great month!  And check out the New Soul Salons in Chicago on the sidebar. Tell your friends!



The first Soul Salon on Monday, August 29th was so much fun!  Lots of Angels were floating around the deck as we did the visualization!  In Soul Coaching® the first element is AIR – and our Word for the month of September is SOAR!  You can still take part in the AIR portion by attending the Saturday Salon on the 17th.  Please let me know if you plan to attend so we have enough chairs!

For Oct the element is WATER – and once again I am offering a Monday Morning Salon on Sep 26th, followed by a Saturday Salon on Oct 8th.  The word is FLOW.  Maybe some Water Spirits will show up, or a Kelpie or two (a Kelpie is an Irish Water Horse).  Hope to see you at the next Salon!

The beauty of these salons is that you can come to one or come to all.  I chose a theme each month, and offer it on a Monday and a Saturday. Attend either day.  You will always go away inspired!

I Got Mail

Saturday morning and sitting with my steaming cup of JAVA…   Speaking of coffee, I read this week in Costco’s magazine that coffee is really good for you!  Keeps you young!  They recommend 3 or more cups a day.  I would have to be in AA to drink that much coffee!  As it is I don’t sleep. Two is my max and preferably before noon. The article also states that caffeinated tea works as well.  So drink up!

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the blog!  I’m still learning so “bear” with me.  The response has been so positive both here and your personal e-mails.  I thank you for taking the time to read the blog and to respond.

Today I am preparing for my first Soul Salon on Monday.  In Soul Coaching® the first element is AIR – and our Word for the month of September is SOAR!  We have an AIR SHOW going on at our local airport and I can hear the planes soaring over the house!

And it is RAINING!  Sometimes we forget that there is moisture in AIR.  Especially when you live in the High Desert!  I know everyone on the East Coast is aware of the wind this weekend.  Sending Reiki light to all that the winds will be calmed and all will be safe!

Enjoy your Kuppa!  and check back soon.

Back Blogging AGAIN!  Hope you enjoy the new look.  You can easily now find upcoming events for the month on the sidebar.  And I can send you little snippets on what is happening in our part of the world.

My business is evolving.  Added Reiki to my Coaching with astounding results.  Also enjoying doing Color Readings via SKYPE, so give me a call to schedule yours.  And have a birthday coming up?  Why not schedule a little YEAR AHEAD reading?

I’m offering my first Soul Salon on August 29th here at Chateau Kalena.  Come by and share a steamy cup and a wee bit of cake, sprinkled with touch of Soul.  Perfect event to reconnect and celebrate the last days of summer.

Stay tuned for little Bloggetts to go with your morning Kuppa Kalena!

And feel free to leave your comments…  I love to get mail.