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Kalena Associates – Inspiring Creative Minds

Kalena Associates offers Business Coaching and Personal Life Coaching services as well as workshops and retreats.  Kalena holds a certificate in Marketing from UC Berkeley and is certified in Life Coaching.  Services are provided one-on-one or in a group setting via phone, Skype, conference call or in-person.

Business Coaching

Kalena combines her extensive business expertise with her training in personal empowerment to support entrepreneurs in creating and growing a business that provides a balance between love of work and love of life coupled with the monetary rewards of good business.   Let her assist you to “Find Your Soul in Business”.

Coaching Sessions – 1 hour &  1/2 hour appointments available by phone or face-to-face

Pre-paid Packages – Tailored to your individual business needs, result in cost-savings.

Business Groups – Group sessions for the smaller business owner.  Share with other business entrepreneuers in a supportive, creative setting.  Six meetings per group.  Available in-person and via teleconference.

Intuitive Coaching

Achieving balance in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual lives is a lovely goal.  However, life often knocks us off our perch, and having a trusted advisor helps get us through the ups & downs.  Kalena brings all the tools in her toolbox to her work to help clients SHIFT their energy and come back into alignment with their authentic selves.

Readings – Kalena uses a variety of her vast years of experience and training in Soul Coaching ® , Color Therapy and Numerology to work with clients to access their own Inner Knowing.  See Below for specifics.

Healing – See Reiki & Color Healing below.

Soul Journeys – Part of her Soul Coaching ® training, Kalena will guide you through a visualization to meet your “spirit guides”.

Birthday Readings

Year Ahead – Learn your personal year and how it coincides with the Universal Year. Ask Kalena questions and receive valuable guidance for your upcoming year.  Kalena’s yearly gift to honor her faithful clients and  friends, a full hour intuitive coaching session at the ½ hour rate, available during your birthday month and  for 30 days after.  (In-person or via phone or SKYPE)

COLOR Readings

Color Readings – Discover why you are attracted to some colors and  “turned-off” by others; how color affects you on a daily basis and how to use color to  enhance your life.  50% off if booked during the month of November.  (In-person or via phone or SKYPE)


Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of healing.  Reiki is a hands-on healing modality and energy technique.  It affects recipients on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of their lives.

Reiki sessions and healing attunements  – 1 hr and ½ hr by appointment.   Also available combined with Color Therapy & Soul Journeys .  (In-Person or Distance)

Reiki Training  – Levels I, II, and III classes offered throughout the year.

Intro to Reiki – Monthly group sharing with fellow Reiki Practitioners, welcome to attend and experience Reiki for newbies, no charge for first session.

Color Healing – Color heals.  Utilizing visualization exercises and/or hands on color touch, Kalena helps clients to use their own healing abilities to clear blockages and deal with chronic health issues.  May be combined with Reiki where Kalena lays on color.


For a complete list of Classes, Workshops & Retreats, click on the link at the top of the page.


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  1. James Howley said:

    Hi Kalena,

    I enjoyed your story about H’ween. I love your style of writing. I hope that book of yours about your irish roots is continuing to ‘flow’ and become a reality sometime.

    I am at present reluctant to let go of the long days and embrace the long dark evenings. If I was rich I think that I would follow the path of the sun around the world all year and so have summer all the time.

    Good luck with the blog -with is very impressive – well done. I hope to drop in from time to time to read more words of wisdom.

    Hope your husband Rod is doing well also and get to trace his own folks in the North of Ireland sometime.

    Take care ,
    all the best,

    James Howley, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    • Jim, So wonderful to hear from you, my dear cousin across the pond. Yes the days are getting shorter here as well. I’m setting intention that Rod & I will be able to make a trip to Northern Ireland perhaps around my birthday in May! And of course we will come to West and visit with family as well. Much love, your cousin, Kalena

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