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Yesterday we spent a lovely Thanksgiving with family, grateful for our health, our love and closeness.  This morning I enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee, while Rod turned on the morning show.  Such violence! What were they calling it?  Competitive Shopping?  Hello? Pepper spray?

When I was young, people died of CONSUMPTION.  Humm, perhaps we are headed towards a new strain?  An infectious disease that can kill millions in a single day..

I will save my shopping for Saturday and venture out in support of Small Businesses, like my own and my clients.  Who have struggled in this economy to keep their doors open and to bring us the unique, the handmade, the gifts that say “I thought you deserved something special.”

Whether a handmade tea cozy, or a gift certificate for a massage, or better yet, a gift certificate for the services of a CPA to straighten out your books at the end of the year; consider putting your money back into our economy in a small way.  Hire someone you know.  Have your house cleaned…  There are an endless number of SMALL Business owners.  And they are not the ones who get the big tax breaks.  They are the ones that are feeding families and serving you.  Seek out a small shop and buy just one gift for that someone special this weekend and throughout the holidays.  And gift a service from one of the professional service providers you love.  Hint, hint…  Gift certificates available for Year Ahead readings, Color Sessions, Reiki, Soul Salons. All at Holiday pricing.


I read the sweetest poem on a friend’s blog yesterday entitled “Thanksgiving”.  You can read the entire poem at www.   Victoria Slotto is a gifted writer.  Here is an excerpt that spoke to me:

counting blessings
assuaging guilt
so many

soul steam
circling hot coffee cup
fogs inside

god light
intense fall color
dance with me

Hope you enjoy as I am this lovely FAMILY DAY!  Spend it with your family, not out in the malls …  Cracking nuts, sipping hot cider, hugging a little one.  I am grateful for my soul family.


PHONE SOUL SALON this coming Monday, Nov. 28th at 6pm PST.  Last chance for FIRE.   Info on sidebar.  Contact me directly at to receive call-in number.