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 Are you ready to Move On? ” Our homes hold the key to our happiness.  Applying the principles of Simple Abundance (gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty & joy) we will learn to let go and move on.  Using the tools of Feng Shui and the Power of Color, we will examine what the rooms in our homes reflect back to us, and learn to shift that energy to heal, to love, to thrive, to prosper…”  Join Kalena for the NEW Soul Salon series examining how our physical environments affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  See Info below for dates, times, etc.

Creating your House of Belonging with Simple Abundance

A program designed to help you learn to create a supportive living space that will help you “move on” in many areas of your life including your career, your relationships, your health and spiritual well-being.  

Kalena Thiessen, Certified Soul Coach and Business Advisor, will guide you through this program designed around the book by best-selling author, Sara Ban Breathnach.

The book is based on finding your “House of Belonging” which is a Celtic metaphor for the body as the earthly home for our souls, as well as for the deep peace and feeling of safety, joy and contentment found in intimate connections with people, places and houses.

 “Moving On” writes Sarah Ban Breathnach, “is for anyone who has ever wanted to reinvent her life and the space where she lives it….  It’s about re-imagining the concept of home and our place in it.  But it’s also about how we cleverly, stubbornly and subversively resist change until chaos or crisis engulf us.”

This new series of 4 classes is offered once a month, at two different locations.  Saturdays in Washoe Valley or Mondays in Carson Valley.  10am-noon   Jan – AIR/Living Room; Feb – WATER/Kitchen; Mar – FIRE/Bedroom; Apr – EARTH/Sacred Space-Office.

Not in Northern Nevada?  Join us by PHONE – one Tuesday a month at 6pm PST.  (Recorded, so you can listen later.)

DATES:  (choose the day, choose the class.  If you attend all 4 classes, receive for price of 3!)

Saturdays    10-noon    Jan 14th, Feb 11th, Mar 17th, Apr 21st    (Location provided w/registration)

Mondays      10-noon    Jan 16th, Feb 13th, Mar 19th, Apr 23rd  (Chateau Kalena)

Tuesdays       6pm PST  Jan 17th, Feb 14th, Mar 20th, Apr 24th  (PHONE – Must register for call in number)

COST: $30 each at the door/$25 pre-paid, series $90 pre-paid (4 for the price of 3)


What’s a Soul Salon?


This month we complete the first cycle of the Soul Salons, ending with the Element of Earth.  The salons have been growing each month and I want to thank those of you who have attended one or more of the Salons.

So if you are an Earth sign, live with an Earth sign or just want to know more about the Element of Earth, join us on Monday, Dec 12th here at Chateau Kalena or Saturday, Dec 17th at the Ranch in Washoe Valley.

With the addition of the Phone Soul Salon last month, I have received numerous e-mails expressing curiosity about the Soul Salons.  I will make an attempt to describe them to you, and hopefully some of the participants will share their impressions in the comment section of this blog.

When one hears the words “Soul Salon” many images come up of church or some kind of religious experience. When my brother first heard about it, he got an image of a hair salon! This is what Soul Salons are NOT! These gatherings ARE however, spiritual in nature, based on my years of training in Soul Coaching®, Color Therapy, Feng Shui, Reiki and other healing modalities. Everyone is welcome.

We all search for our Life Purpose and mine is to create safe space for others to share their stories and in the telling, heal themselves. Everyone has a story.  And we rarely get to express it in a safe and supportive environment.  By telling my story, you get to share your story.  In the Soul Salons, we all share in a way that encourages listening in a supportive and transformative way.

Soooo…  “WHAT WILL WE DO in the Soul Salon? I am frequently asked.”  It’s not what will we DO, rather what will we BE.  We are human BEINGS not human DOINGS.   I’m amazed at how in our society we often feel  we need to know the deliverables before we will commit to just BE-ING.  I truly never fully know what will occur.  I connect to the audience and Spirit leads me.  No matter, the salons are always de-Light-Full and everyone leaves feeling lighter and brighter.

Soul Salons are: two-hour gatherings, where individuals come together and meet on a soul plane.  The gatherings begin slowly, enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee, we make eye contact and SOUL-cialize with one another.  After introductions, I begin by calling in the directions and bringing in light.  We have an altar with sacred objects from nature, representing the sacred in all things. With humor and laughter, we open discussion of the topic of the month or the evening, following a single word theme.  I sometimes do a visualization which is a short, guided meditation, followed by Angel or Soul Cards which brings our focus back to a word to enhance the visualization.  Then we do a little more soul sharing, and by now it is time to go!  I then release the light, and everyone is free to enjoy the rest of their day or night!  There is no homework, no handouts, nothing to DO.  Many of the participants make plans to meet again to discuss business, as most of my clients and friends are true Soul-preneurs.

With friends in many cities across the country, I recently started taking the Soul Salons on the road. I created “A Touch of Soul, A Splash of Color, and A Bite of Chocolate”.   Last month I decided to also offer an additional monthly salon via conference call, allowing everyone to participate wherever they may live.

In January the Salons will include the Theme “MOVING ON” as we examine how our physical environments affect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical selves, and lean how making minor adjustments can enhance our lives.  The beauty of the Soul Salons is that they are NOT classes.  You can attend one or all of the series and benefit.

Join us on Mon. Dec 12th or Sat. Dec. 17th from 10-noon.  Details on the side bar.  The phone salons will start up in January coinciding with the new series.

My vision is to bring into form Soul Groups, where we can gather to discuss – art, politics, spiritualism, healing, travel, and so much more.   The groups are evolving.  My intent is to introduce people across the country to my work bringing elements of my creative and spiritual workshops to a broader audience.

If you would be interested in attending or hosting a workshop in your area, please contact me.  I LOVE to TRAVEL.

Love, Kalena