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Good Day.  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring Equinox. Or Autumnal down under!

This morning, I once again found myself struggling with my Weds morning writing.  For almost a year fellow Soul Sista, Sandra Larsen, and I have been writing together every Weds morning for 2 hrs.  Sandra in Texas, me here in NV.  Encouraging each other to show up at the page.  For about a month I just haven’t been able to write.  It has probably been longer, as my last blog post was in January.

As many of you know, I am reaching the end of my year-long Reiki Master/Teacher training.  It has been a wonderful year.  FILLED with lessons as well as challenges.  Starting with Rod’s cancer transformation, and ending with placing my attention to finally resolving some health challenges of my own.

For the past 12 days I have been on a virtual FAST.  No dairy, no grains, no nuts, no sugars, no wine, no condiments.  No bananas, no tomatoes, no mushrooms, no peppers.  NO NO NO.  NO COFFEE!  It seems I will have one good day, then one amazingly head aching, crabby, complaining, “I can’t do this” day.  That was yesterday.  Today is better.  One day at a time.

Basically protein, veggies and low glycemic fruits.   My doc tells me it is the yeast dying off, well I must be one big breadball!  Of course, spending the week prior to starting the diet, partying in Reno with my 3 childhood friends, drinking, eating and gambling, probably did cause some extra detoxing!  But what fun!  Thank you Harrah’s!

Never having been much of a cook, I would grab and go through life.  Since childhood I have pretty much gagged on meat.  Needless to say, this diet has been a challenge.  I have tasted many new veggies, fermented foods I would never have tried in the past, including coconut anything.  Did you know there is coconut yogurt?  And found the most delicious scallops at TJ’s. And even Broiled PEACHES!

My friends ask me what I miss most.  Oatmeal!  Can you believe it?  I am actually looking forward to SLOWLY reintroducing foods.  Savoring each one of them for 2-3 days, as I ask my body “Is this food for my highest and best good?”  The answer will be an immediate GUT reaction, I’m sure.

I had started a gluten free diet around the first of the year.  I really was becoming the Pillsbury Dough Girl!  I love bread, pasta, etc.  Before I started this diet, I was proud of the fact I thought I had mastered that portion of the program.  I had found lots of great recipes, gluten free.

Now I will be more conscious of how much sugar and yeast are in the gluten free products I put in mouth, and hopefully snacks and treats will include healthy veggies and fruits in the future.  And I will not have the afternoon low blood sugar blues, or the evening rummaging through the cupboards for something fattening to go with my WINE!  Preferably chocolate in nature.

The wonderful side affect of doing all this?  I’ve LOST 10 lbs already!  The next challenge will be keeping it off!  I feel so much better, and the weight I lost?  It was in my belly!  Now to work on those abs!

Hope you are doing well.  And thanks to everyone who recommended those yummy gluten free beers for St. Paddy’s Day (which of course I couldn’t have then, but might really enjoy come summer!)  And to my friend, Kathy, who cooked up the yummy broth I was able to sip when nothing else satisfied.  My girlfriends who brought gluten free foods to our Gathering this month in response to my need last time we met. I was so touched by your kindness, even though I couldn’t eat it this time.  The cookies are in the freezer Ronda for when I can try them!  Bless you all.  It takes a Village to HEAL!